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What is A Leg Pillow?

A special type of pillow that is designed to be placed in between the legs, leg pillow is beneficial for spine alignment and relieves stress felt at the legs, hips, and lower back while sleeping. It helps improve better blood circulation as well.

Leg pillows are of different types and kind, depending on the material and additional functions they offer. The list includes but is not limited to the following: original leg pillow, advanced leg pillow, memory foam cooling leg pillow.

Common Features of Leg Pillows

Made with soft material to provide that gentle cushion for comfort, as well as injury prevention, leg pillows assist in correcting your body parts to their natural alignment to prevent body pain as you sleep through the night. Sleeping comfortably and well will help you boost that energy to start a great day.

Listed below are the leg pillow products we have:

Original Side Sleeper Leg Pillow: U-shaped pillow that has micro air beads as filling for breathability and comfort. Perfect for a long sleeping position.

Memory Foam Leg Pillow: Made with memory foam and promotes and provides comfortable support in between your knees to avoid minor injuries.

Leg Pillow for Side Sleeping: Reduces the pressure on hips and prevents from rotating and pulling the spine from its original alignment.

Original Leg Pillow: Comfortable to use while it eliminates stress by keeping the knees on top of one another.

Basic Comfortable Elevation Pillow: Supports the upper body and legs while you’re sitting or lying in bed, and it effectively helps to minimise back pain and leg cramps.

Half Moon Pillow: It is great for providing support to all positions of sleeping and even seating.

Premium Bamboo Elevation Pillow: It is perfect for watching television on the floor or reading in bed.


Why Use A Leg Pillow?

Placing a pillow between legs indeed gives comfort as it prevents the knees from rubbing against each other. What you may not know, selecting the right pillow to place in between the legs helps alleviate stress by evenly allocating the pressure on your thighs at the same time, while properly giving the right amount of space to align the hip and spine.

The leg pillow, when placed in between the legs, helps in proper blood circulation throughout the whole body, reducing the risk of muscle soreness and tension. Using a leg pillow will enable us to maintain the natural curves in our body as we sleep.

Since the majority prefers sleeping in a log position, the leg pillow is specifically designed for them.

With our leg pillow, you can now achieve that great and undisturbed sleep which you truly deserve without having to worry waking up with an intense body pain the next morning.

Proper Care for Your Leg Pillow

The leg pillow is made with a removable pillow case, making it easier to wash both the pillow and the casing separately.

To hand wash, use mild soap and make sure to dry it thoroughly to prevent germ build-up.

Both the pillow and casing may also be machine washed using a delicate setting, make sure to use a mild detergent free from bleach, color or enzymes.

Keep in mind to read the proper care instructions along with the product before putting washing the product to prevent damage.

Guaranteed Best Price 

The price of knee pillows differs according to the design and additional feature that suits your convenience. Purchasing one will surely guarantee you that great and undisturbed sleep you truly deserve. The convenience that it gives is worth and the quality materials it is made with, is worth every dollar spent. And now, you can have it at a guaranteed best price! So what are you waiting for? Follow your heart and add to cart!


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