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    Premium Bamboo Elevation Pillow


    The Premium Bamboo Elevation Pillow is a special type of pillow that provides a healthy and more comfortable nights sleep. This pillow is  perfect for watching television on the floor or reading in bed. It provides support comfort for your back and serves as a leg support. This product is made of premium quality memory…

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    Half Moon Pillow


    The Half Moon Pillow has exceptional pain and strain relief capabilities and it is great for providing support to all positions of sleeping and even seating. In addition to moulding your individual shape and supporting your weight, it allows your muscles to relax, before returning to its original shape. This ergonomic pillow can be used…

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    Basic Comfortable Elevation Pillow


    The Basic Comfortable Elevation pillow is designed to provide ultimate comfort while taking the pressure off your legs, hips & knees. This Elevation pillow  is made to support the upper body and legs while you’re sitting or lying in bed, and this effectively helps to minimise back pain and leg cramps. This product has a…