Original Side Sleeper Leg Pillow




This Original Side Sleeper Leg Pillow is a U-shaped pillow that has micro air beads as filling for breathability and comfort. Perfect to bring you a goodnight sleep! It also helps to alleviate neck stiffness.

This is also a very comfortable pillow to use that provides additional neck support when sleeping. It promotes proper alignment of your head, neck and spine. In effect, it corrects one’s  posture while sleeping.

Give your muscles and bones a chance to relax the way they need to with this side sleeper leg pillow!

  • Helps you to have a proper sleeping position so that you will have a deep goodnight sleep;
  • Aligns the head, neck and back properly thus releasing the pressures on those body parts;
  • Ideal for side sleepers (note that side sleeping prevents your air passageway from getting blocked thus reduces snoring);
  • Made of hypoallergenic fibres that is great for sensitive and allergic people;
  • Developed by Chiropractors;
  • Ideal for airplane travel, road trips, and may also be used by pregnant women; and
  • Removable pillow case with zipper closure that can be washed easily.

Condition — Brand New, High Quality
Materials — Cotton and Silk
Colour — White
Size — 52cm x 42cm x 11cm

Package Includes: 1 x Original Side Sleeper Leg Pillow with Free Pillow Case / 2 x Original Side Sleeper Pillows with Free Pillow Case


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